METALL #10: The Skills Chasm

Practical steps for a local solution

When: 8-11am, Thursday 11th April

Where: The new Engineering & Digital Technology Park at the University of Chichester’s Bognor Campus


The lack of skilled recruits at every level consistently tops the list of concerns for manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses in our area and indeed nationally. The problem hinders growth, affects profitability and can even put business viability and succession planning in doubt. The skills drain caused by Brexit just exacerbates the problem.

METALL #10 seeks to find some local solutions to this long-term problem by getting businesses and education professionals in the same room to look at practical ways we can all work together to help influence local change in our schools and colleges.

This event will be more than a talking shop. It seeks to take the conversation out of the room to agree on some real outcomes to influence and help our educators (and their students) to understand the great career opportunities that pursuing STEM subjects can lead to. Our facilitator for the meeting will be Richard Freeman, CEO of always possible.

We are proud to be holding the event at the University of Chichester’s brand-new Engineering and Digital Technology Park at Bognor Regis and a tour of the new facility will be organised to follow on from the meeting.

This event has already taken place.