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Manufacturing sector & UK economy overview by Marcus Wright

When: 8-10am, Thursday 12th October
Where: Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club, Crawley

Subject: Marcus Wright, Senior Economist at NatWest Group will provide us with an update on the UK economy and discuss the key issues affecting manufacturing businesses in 2023.

Topics covered: 

  • Latest views affecting business in 2023 and beyond
  • Key trends in the Manufacturing sector
  • The impact of the cost of living crisis
  • How the challenge posed by the transition to net zero is being met


Marcus Wright, Senior Economist, NatWest Group

Marcus Wright is a senior economist at NatWest Group where he analyses economic dynamics to inform the Bank’s strategy. He heads up the forecasting and stress-testing scenarios team and has over 18 years professional experience as an economist. He has previously worked for an investment trust and an economic development consultancy. His particular areas of interest are the UK economy, the energy transition and geopolitics. He has a first class degree in economic science from the University of Aberdeen.

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