Sponsor: CBSbutler

CBSbutler has been synonymous with technical recruitment for decades having been formed through the merger of two leading recruitment firms in 2003.

A candidates’ impression of a prospective employer is strongly influenced by the contact with the recruiter. The specialist knowledge and professionalism of our consultants qualifies CBSbutler to be credible ambassadors to any client.

CBSbutler has an exceptional heritage in engineering having been the winner of Best Engineering Recruiter on no less than 6 occasions!

Having diversified their capabilities over recent years to include specialist teams in ICT, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Energy. Today, CBSbutler can claim to be one of the UK’s leading technical recruiters with thousands of successful permanent appointments and contract assignments across 20+ counties spanning the EU, EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.

  • 10 times winner of the Recruiter Awards for Excellence – Engineering
  • Twice winner of Global Recruiter – ‘Best Client Service’

Specialist Insight

Sophisticated companies demand a high degree of specialist insight in order to meet exacting job requirements, and cultural / team fit. CBSbutler is able to achieve this through dedicated account management and specialist delivery teams who focus in defined markets.

With strong continuity in our recruiter teams, CBSbutler retains vital customer knowledge, so essential to deliver accurate job matching and thereafter high degree of assurance in job success and retention.
Furthermore, we are able to monitor sector trends and changes so that we can exploit new talent pools before our competitor or indeed our clients’ competitors.

Proven Skills

Typically, our clients either demand tried and tested individuals or with proven potential so that the hiring burden is minimised and the success rate is maximised. CBSbutler has an unrivalled candidate database of more than 0.5m professionals that has been built and continually updated over decades.
This resource is unrepeatable and provides for a distinct competitive advantage, particularly in validating work history and where a high degree of ‘fit’ is demanded. Moreover, in the cast of fast-track contractor assignments, clients can have a high degree of confidence that the candidates selected will deliver the quality of works and represent them positively.

Assured Delivery

CBSbutler have pioneered the use of behaviours in rewarding excellence in service by aligning with client expectations. Whether it be vacancy fulfilment, response times or candidate quality. In this way, our consultants deliver an exceptional service together with a consistency in professionalism that the best employers demand.

CBSbutler employs leading edge tools to exploit global talent pools and digital candidate networks to deliver class-leading performance. Our recruiters can boast some of the best fulfilment statistics and client satisfaction ratings in the business.

  • c.90% + of clients rated CBSbutler to be better than the competition (source: stakeholder surveys 2016)
  • unusually high levels of repeat business : 80% + of new business opportunities are referred

Moreover, the combination of true global reach combined with a local knowledge, ensures that our multi-national customers can have peace of mind throughout the recruitment cycle.